NEW HATS: Escape Artist + SFR designs

The SFR snapbacks were one of the most popular items for us this year, so we’ve moved outside of our all-black-clothing comfort zone to bring you original styles in new colors, plus a brand new “Escape Artist” design which you can purchase by clicking HERE.

Click this link for details, photos, and to place your order:

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End the world with us in FL + NOLA this Dec!

Shows pop up at random sometimes so please sign up for the newsletter on the StrangeFamousRecords home page. We only send 1 per month & it’s the best way to stay updated on shows & albums.
MY LAST THREE SHOWS OF 2012 are with B. Dolan!

DEC 20 – ORLANDO, FL - at Plaza Live – with B. Dolan. TICKETS
DEC 21 – Jacksonville, FL - at Jack Rabbits (AA) with B. Dolan. TICKETS
Dec 22 – NEW ORLEANS, LA - at Tipitina’s (18+) with B. Dolan. TICKETS

The Bad Santas are Going Down South in December. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Poster design by Pat Jensen

As we are celebrating the “10 Year Anniversary” of PERSONAL JOURNALS, the songs from that album will be the main focus at upcoming shows!

Click me, boo

This blog gets updated frequently. All old show announcements have been deleted.

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Epic Beard Men “2BAD” video

Epic Beard Men = Sage Francis and B. Dolan.
We rap. We have fun raps and we have angry raps.
2BAD is a fun and angry rap and it’s on me brudda’s “House of Bees Vol 2″ album. Reanimator on the beat. Buddy Peace on the cut. Video by Mason Johnson and Tyler Woodbury.
Epic Beard Men…4 EVA.

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MOTHER’S DAY RAP – Lil Sage (1989)

MOTHER’S DAY RAP – Lil Sage (1989) by Strange Famous Records

I didn’t have access to beats in 1989, so for this “Mother’s Day Rap” I used two tape decks to loop the open section of a De La Soul song. A segment of this old recording appears on my “Personal Journals” album and now that we’re celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of its release it’s as good time as any to release this old recording in its entirety. It’s not the best rap in the world but it was better than just signing my name on a Hallmark card. I dedicate this to all the moms who let their kids play in the mud as well as the moms who make their kids clean up their act. My mom stayed supportive and let me explore my creativity, but she also pushed me to do good in school, work hard, and she didn’t put up with any BS.

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WILD WEST – Sage Francis, Kristoff Krane, Sadistik (Free MP3)

In 2011 I recorded a slew of features for other people’s albums. It’s part of the reason why I don’t have an album of my own to release this year (i.e. I will not be doing any more collabos until my next album is finished.) Anyway, I’m proud of the features I recorded and I’m excited that they are finally beginning to surface. This Wild Wild West song (for Kristoff Krane’s “fanfaronade” album) is a favorite of mine. I do the first verse, Kristoff does the second verse, and then Sadistik caps it off. It’s one of those kind of songs where we said, “Fuck a chorus. Let’s just rap hard and get it in.” No one really said that, but the most obvious truths often go unspoken.

WILD WILD WEST (Kristoff Krane feat. Sage Francis & Sadistik)

To download, click the arrow pointing DOWN in the Soundcloud player above.

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B. Dolan “HOUSE OF BEES, VOL 2″ vid & single

To download this single for free, click the arrow pointing down in the Soundcloud player above.

B. Dolan and I just finished our jaunt through Texas. We had a great time (you can read a review of one of the shows by clicking here)

My favorite part of this whole tour was getting to hang with B. Dolan for 5 days. We’ve been on our own separate tour paths since 2010, so it was really nice to joke around, dis rappers, and spitball ideas with him. Not to mention developing the whole Epic Beard Men concept on stage while performing our songs together again. Some of the material we performed together is from his new mixtape, “House of Bees Vol 2.”  Pre-order package deals are available at


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