Have a Hell of a New Year

Here is a live version of “Hell of a Year” where I rap the song over a piano by Nathan Matthews. Every few years something happens that makes the lyrics of this song ring more true to me. This happened to be one of those years, so I’d like to dedicate this live version to 2012. My resolution for the new year will be to finally drop my first official album since Continue reading

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“UBUNTU”- song/fundraiser for South Africa

“UBUNTU” is about the HIV-positive children I met during my stay in South Africa in 2011. Proceeds of this song’s sale through our Bandcamp page will be going to the children and their families. You can download it using the player above or here: www.tinyurl.com/UbuntuMP3

The video:

*UPDATE 1/15/13
Thanks to the Ubuntu song/fundraiser, the kids were taken out shopping for school gear last weekend! They are incredibly grateful for all your help and support. So am I. The next thing we’re going to do is get their roof fixed. For now, check em out lookin’  Durban fresh.

*UPDATE 12/28/12
So far we have raised $3,672.81!!! Instead of one single bed, the kids now have TWO separate bunk beds. Once the holidays are completely over, a person has been commissioned to fix their roof and other faulty items in their house. This is all thanks to the help of my friends Iain and Karen Robinson, who are facilitating everything for us on the ground in Durban.We’ll continue to raise money, put it toward the bare essentials, school supplies, medical care and whatever else we can. The kids are incredibly grateful. This was a great holiday for them thanks to your generosity.

As many of you know, there are millions (if not billions) of people who live in abject poverty in this world. Because of this, children are needlessly dying of preventable diseases. Some of these unfortunate kids may live next door to you. Some may live in a neighboring state. I just so happened to fall in love with this particular family while I was in South Africa and I’m in a position to make a lot of people aware of their story as we work to improve the situation. So that’s what I’m doing. To be sure, these kids represent a much larger contingent that deserves more attention. My aim is to reach the folks who are willing and able to provide that support, all while raising awareness about an issue that is often ignored by the media. I found myself wondering how I could do this. Since music is my craft, I did my best to do it through song. After facilitating a small circle of logistic support, and finagling a way to get the money to the kids as directly as possible, that’s exactly what I did. And that’s when other people came into play to help out…like you. The funds will continue to be raised and work will continue to be done. I’ll post updates as this campaign goes on. THANK YOU.

I have thought about these children every single day since being acquainted with them almost two years ago, I decided that I can no longer Continue reading

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NEW HATS: Escape Artist + SFR designs

The SFR snapbacks were one of the most popular items for us this year, so we’ve moved outside of our all-black-clothing comfort zone to bring you original styles in new colors, plus a brand new “Escape Artist” design which you can purchase by clicking HERE.

Click this link for details, photos, and to place your order: www.strangefamousrecords.com/news/sfrsnapbacks-series2/

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End the world with us in FL + NOLA this Dec!

Shows pop up at random sometimes so please sign up for the newsletter on the StrangeFamousRecords home page. We only send 1 per month & it’s the best way to stay updated on shows & albums.
MY LAST THREE SHOWS OF 2012 are with B. Dolan!

DEC 20 – ORLANDO, FL – at Plaza Live – with B. Dolan. TICKETS
DEC 21 – Jacksonville, FL – at Jack Rabbits (AA) with B. Dolan. TICKETS
Dec 22 – NEW ORLEANS, LA – at Tipitina’s (18+) with B. Dolan. TICKETS

The Bad Santas are Going Down South in December. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Poster design by Pat Jensen

As we are celebrating the “10 Year Anniversary” of PERSONAL JOURNALS, the songs from that album will be the main focus at upcoming shows!

Click me, boo

This blog gets updated frequently. All old show announcements have been deleted.

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