Epic Beard Men “2BAD” video

Epic Beard Men = Sage Francis and B. Dolan.
We rap. We have fun raps and we have angry raps.
2BAD is a fun and angry rap and it’s on me brudda’s “House of Bees Vol 2” album. Reanimator on the beat. Buddy Peace on the cut. Video by Mason Johnson and Tyler Woodbury.
Epic Beard Men…4 EVA.

cool tag bro

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4 thoughts on “Epic Beard Men “2BAD” video

  1. Long time listener, first time writer.
    I’ve been a big fan for a long time, like I remember the day personal journals came out and I got it in my hands. Keep doing the right thing. I have more faith in you as an artist than most.
    You continue to deliver, I continue to be hype on it. Thanks for all the hours of music, all the great insight, and way too relatable lyrics. When they write the book, there should be a special chapter for you.
    Overly sweet feeling this evening,
    Chris Maluso

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