2 thoughts on “Hip-Hop died the 1st time someone said “Hiphop ain’t dead.”

  1. Paul Francis,

    I saw you for the first time last night in dallas. Not only was the performance one of the most motivating movements in my life, it reminded me why your music made me who I am today. You inspired me to perform my spoken word and my hip hop, leading me to become the man I am today. If you are ever in dallas again soon, just know that you have not just a fan, but a friend at heart. So if any of the bullshit that happened in Houston with the guns happens in dallas, you can simply reference to me my friend! Thank you again for being real and truthful in your music, the way hip hop should truely be presented.

    Your brother,

    Jacob Long

  2. Couldn’t express myself any better then how Jacob has expressed is opinon, Sage is the 1 in a million.

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