Sage Francis Dissects Lyrics of 10 Popular Rappers

I'm in your rhyme book. Dissecting your lyrics.

The people at asked if I would dissect the lyrics of 10 popular rappers. Although I was certain that this was a clever plot to eventually get me shot and killed, I got neurotic with it and gave my honest critique. Click here to read my take on lyrics by Lil Wayne, Wale, Kanye West, Gucci Mane, Jay Electronica, Aesop Rock, Big Sean, Das Racist, Kendrick Lamar, & J. Cole. Fun stuff.

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One thought on “Sage Francis Dissects Lyrics of 10 Popular Rappers

  1. Amazing… Haha I was glad to see I’m not the only one who takes a neurotic approach to the dissection of lyrics. I was happy to see J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar make the list, though the lines chosen (especially for Cole) were far from their best moments. Regardless, it’s a sunny day in the realm of Hip Hop when mainstream emcees like Cole and Lamar are getting shine–in comparison to the reign of “rappers” like 50 Cent. It’s looking like lyricism is on the upsurge, finally, and though it might be a long time before all the Sages are upstage–hey, it’s a start.

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