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  1. Hi Sage,

    Not sure how else to contact you (assuming that’s deliberate 😉 ) but I wanted to say thanks a shitload for the show in Adelaide tonight.

    I was the short, fat, blue haired woman there with my mate Eli who chatted to you a couple of times trying to explain his disability. We were there really early.

    Just wanted to let you know that your genuinity and words really hit home even more in person than in recording and you blew me away. Would absolutely love to see you again sometime so really hoping you’re heading back to good old Radelaide soon.

    Cheers for the hug too. Love ya man. You’re doing a good thing 🙂

    Ali xx

  2. Hey Sage, Sorry to rag at you via the interwebs but I thought my story was worth sharing. Anywho my mums was kinda enough to get me a tix to see you @ the hi-fi in Brisbane for my bday. This date came to pass without my presence due to me being detained by the qld police service due to me having an unprecedented mental health episode in which I had the police detain me and fail to note my pre-existing condition resulting in my detention and ultimately missing your concert. I regret this situation, but wish to note that any future tours you plan I will service with my presence.
    Yours Sincerely, Che Fidel Kruger

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