Sage Francis THREEWRITE – remix and lyrics


Every once in a while I find a glimmering gem sitting in my inbox, just waiting to be plucked from the pile of total fucking crap. I do that dirty work so you don’t have to. I’m a hero. Anyway, here’s a new remix of my “Threewrite” song by Mikhail Yuzicapi. He apparently comes from a very talented family as his sister created this image for me not too long ago:


This is to theintertwined souls.
To the hands I’ve been trying to hold.
This is to the love that I lost,
And all the troubling thoughts of how I got double-crossed.
This is to the divorce I was forced to settle with,
And the remorse I fought off with metal fists.
This is to the wet, watery kiss I left you with, Continue reading

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